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Convert your online audience into in-store traffic with our fully customisable booking software.



The European leader in online appointment booking technology, Timendo ensures that schedules can be organised faster, easier and more efficiently. Organisations are given the opportunity to convert more potential customers into store footfall by allowing them to book an appointment at a time that suits them.

Timendo has clients in multiple industries, ranging from retail, beauty, banking and healthcare, among many others. The software is currently being used by independents, SME’s as well as large companies with hundreds of branches.

Seeing as the majority of shoppers research online, but purchase in-store (the ROPO effect), Timendo provides businesses with that all important call-to-action, ensuring that customers are able to reach you 24/7. For these customers, appointments can be booked on desktop, mobile or tablet, whilst staff are also able to view and manage their schedules using any of these devices.

Key features include text reminders and email confirmations, keeping your customers up to date with their appointments and helping to make sure they don’t forget to show up. Timendo also boasts a fully comprehensive real-time statistics module which will enable you to understand your target group even better with access to data on all of your customers and on your business: customer details, appointment history, average customer spend, per week, per month. You can even see how many new clients you attracted since using Timendo!

Oh and let’s not forget, Timendo can even work in offline mode, meaning all that important client data is stored even if the internet goes down!

To date, over 50 million appointments have been booked using Timendo, and this figure is continuing to rise.

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Our solution helps you gain…




Concentrate solely on your core business

30% of your appointments booked directly online, meaning more time with your clients



Don’t lose another potential client and allow them to book appointments 24/7

40% of your online booking made outside opening hours

and Money


Put an end to missed and forgotten appointments which lose you money

Timendo sends your customers automatic texts reminders. Reduce no shows by up to 80%

Our Clients

Timendo has clients in multiple industries, ranging from retail, beauty, banking and healthcare, among many others. The software is currently being used by independents, SME’s as well as large companies with hundreds of branches.


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What our clients say

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Today, the Timendo calendar allows bookings to be made directly online. The integration of the calendar on our websites, the multiple configuration and personalization possibilities, the numerous functionalities and the administration platform make this product efficient, effective and fun to use. The simplicity of use encourages more web users to book appointments, which represents added value for each point of sale. The technical support team is very responsive and professional. They always respond well to our queries and fulfil their advisory role.They also help us to manage our implementation of the software.
Sandro Messina
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Timendo: a must-have solution! It allows us to recruit, provide an additional service to our clients and boost our aesthetic business. A genuine partner: a dynamic and professional team, attentive to our needs and those of our clients
Valerie Gaye
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The relationship I have with Timendo has always been excellent, they explained everything to me in a very simply way. The Timendo calendar is extremely functional, practical and economical! My patients are delighted with the service: they are convinced that it has changed their lives! They book appointments very easily and they can even modify or cancel appointments themselves. And the telephone doesn’t interrupt my consultations anymore!
Alain Guilhaume
Alain Guilhaume Pediatrician
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Transitioning from the paper diary to the online calendar was very fluid, and we were well supported throughout the process by the Timendo team. The main benefit which we see is the reduction in the number of telephone calls: 40% of appointments are booked online, meaning 40% less calls. This is all the more important seeing as we are a town that is on the road towards digitization, and trying to simplify the administrative process. The major benefit for people: the email confirmation containing all the necessary information they need to prepare for their appointments. The Timendo calendar is reliable, easy to use, and it gives us a clear visibility of all our daily appointments. As Department Head, this allows me to monitor and organise our service effectively
Veronique Guipponi
Ville De Levallois