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Digital marketing trends – What to look out for in 2015!

Bruno Berthezene

Bruno Berthezene

December 9, 2014

Written by Bruno Berthezene, Country Manager at Solocal Group UK – Tuesady 16th December

From multiscreen to ubiquitous internet devices

The recent years have seen the rise of the multiscreen / multi-device trend: from desktop through laptop, console, mobile, tablet to phablet, each UK consumer uses an increasing number of devices sometimes simultaneously (second screen, third screen). Mobile and tablet have become the dominating source of traffic for many internet brands but the customer experience provided on these devices is still not always adapted to the form factor. Additionally, the fragmented usage of devices has been an issue for businesses to have a single view of the user and therefore makes it difficult to attribute conversion to a specific interaction. In this context:


Digital marketing lexicon_2

Content and social meets advertising

Taking the multichannel customer journey seriously

The purchase funnel is being increasingly looked after. In the past decades, with the rise of digital, it has become more much complex with the rise of multiple touch points, from ‘discovery’ through ‘research’ and ‘engagement’ to ‘conversion’ into purchase and post-purchase actions. This means that taking the customer right through from the start of the journey to the purchase is more challenging than ever and when that happens, there is another challenge for marketers and that is the attribution of the purchase between the different touch points.

The rise of the seamless transaction