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Re-thinking the shoppers’ journey: how luxury and fashion brands can increase foot traffic

Bruno Berthezene

Bruno Berthezene

November 18, 2014

Today, most of us go online to research products before we go in-store – especially when buying high end goods. As a result, brands and retailers need to ensure that they provide consumers with all the relevant information they need to make their purchase decision both online and offline. Luxury and fashion brands in particular are trying hard and invest a lot of resources in communicating and leveraging awareness about products, new collections and trends.

However, when it comes to providing localised information the challenge increases twofold as each location is unique and has a specific target market. Brands need to think about how they want to connect and establish a relationship with local consumers in order to give them the experience that they want and expect. What is clear is that shoppers are looking for relevant local information and the ability to connect with the brand anywhere, anytime and on the go.  When paying a premium price, customers expect to experience something more; it’s not only about having a product, but how the product and brand makes them feel from the very beginning of their shopping journey.

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TAG HEUER: Giving visibility to local bricks-and-mortar outlets

From the onset of our work with luxury watch maker TAG Heuer, we focused on one aspect: increasing the local stores’ visibility online. We deployed our web-to-store solution initially in France to assess the traffic and interest of online users. The results showed that traffic to bricks-and-mortar stores  increased significantly as a result of the web-to-store  solution because consumers wanted to quickly and easily find the nearest retailers. Additionally, Tag  Heuer regularly updates the local store pages by adding incentives to i  interact with customers. Tag Heuer has realised the added value that the web-to-store solution locator brings, and as a result has decided to deploy the solution worldwide. Savvy retailers  know that it not always  about the channel, but about the customer experience, as they are able to switch between online and offline shopping; what is ultimately  important is that brands give customers all the tools  they need have a pleasant and smooth shopping journey. If you want know more on how TAG Heuer is using the solution visit Paris St Germain store page