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Data-based Advertising


Data is now a pillar of any ambitious web-to-store strategy. Through the millions of intention-based and geographically-positioned requests carried out every day on our websites and apps, we, at SoLocal Group, are aware of the value data has for our clients. That is why SoLocal Group has developed state of the art data management capabilities in order to exploit, value and monetize both in-house-and-exclusive-first-party data and client-sourced data. Our ADhesive solutions include :

DATA-BASED TARGETING : We make the best of display-advertising through our unique set of data pool

DATA-BASED RETARGETING : We help our clients extracting the most of their third party data

DATA SERVICES : We help European digital advertising players leverage their data-based assets, giving them access to a whole range of programmatic and data capabilities, from data management to campaign operations (content creation, programmatic set-up, performance maximization) and reporting (client assistance)

SoLocal Group takes your privacy very seriously. This privacy policy governs and details the main privacy principles we apply to the data we collect through our service. To access our privacy policy governing our service only please click here