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Research has shown that 83% of purchases are made in-store with 88% of customers researching the product or service online beforehand. In other words, around 70% of the purchases can be put in the “Research Online Purchase Offline” category.

It is crucial for brands and retailers to make sure that the customer journey from initial online research to offline purchase is optimised in the best possible way. SoLocal Group offers in the UK four specific multi-channel marketing solutions tailored and adapted to fit specific business needs:


SoLocal Group work with SMEs to convert online searches into in-store sales, helping them to connect with their customers and grow their business.


SoLocal Group has been developing practical, accurate and reliable local content for over 60 years. Capitalising on extensive digital knowledge, we have developed a full range of content and complementary services accessible all digital devices facilitate local information searches and optimise the visibility of its advertisers

Put simply, we can help your business by providing innovative local information services, for and around everyone

To help UK brands engage with customers, SoLocal Group is an active contributor to the UK digital and business ecosystems.  In addition to launching Local Ideas, an online initiative promoting local business creativity and innovation, SoLocal Group is also a member of the following associations: