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My Customer – How to get real-time personalisation right

Bruno Berthezene

Bruno Berthezene

September 25, 2014


Personalisation promises to get the right communications to the right people at the right time.

But upon closer inspection, most personalisation efforts actually tend to focus on the first two components and overlook the final aspect – time.

Yet it is this characteristic that could ultimately prove to be the most powerful.

“Immediately reacting to customer behaviour on the site increases relevance and engagement, helps customers to know that you are listening to their needs and often gets them more quickly to the product or information they were looking for,” emphasises Jamie Brighton, strategic marketing EMEA, Adobe Marketing Cloud. “It can help them through the customer journey or expose them to other products and services that they didn’t know they needed in cross- and up-sell messaging.”

Bruno Berthezene, UK country manager at Solocal Group UK, adds: “If you personalise marketing in real-time, you are targeting customers when it is most likely to have an impact on their purchasing decision – during their path to purchase. For example, if someone is actively browsing websites for local beauty salons, you could engage with them in real-time and insert an offer or promotional discount code. This ensures that the context is as relevant for their current need as possible and is most likely to result in conversion.”