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Masterclassing – How can Fashion and Luxury brands use digital tools to drive footfall?

Bruno Berthezene

Bruno Berthezene

October 30, 2014


Whilst the majority of purchases today are still made in-store, buying decisions are increasingly impacted by the online and multichannel presence of the retailer or brand. The main question is, how can fashion and luxury brands best optimise their overall presence across multiple channels, from online to mobile, to drive traffic in-store? Recent market insights have shown that many brands still do not provide an optimised consumer experience. Industry trends like ‘Research Online Purchase Offline’, ‘click and mortar’ or ‘bricks and clicks’ widen the field of possibilities for the customer, who can be easily lost. A number of brands are keen to reach new customers, but often do not take the necessary steps to improve and perfect the entire customer journey. Convince to convert Research has shown that 83%[1] of purchases are made in-store with 88%[2] of customers researching the product or service online beforehand. In other words, around 70% of the purchases can be put in the “Research Online Purchase Offline” category. It should therefore be crucial for brands and retailers to make sure that the customer journey from initial online research to offline purchase is optimised in the best possible way.