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Masterclassing – How do retailers ensure a seamless customer experience from online research to in-store purchase?

Bruno Berthezene

Bruno Berthezene

October 27, 2014


There has been an undeniable change in people’s buying habits in recent years, with how consumers choose to buy and research products evolving as technology does.

The rise of mobile and online technology has had a huge impact on consumer behaviour, and the surge in the number of smartphone and tablet users has led to an ever- increasing number of consumers who research products online before buying in store.

It is therefore essential that retailers manage the customer journey seamlessly from attention to action, and engage with customers along their purchase journey in a personalised and contextual way.

By offering customers an easy to use, personalised service, the user experience is greatly improved, leading to increased loyalty and engagement. This interaction with consumers can be made possible through solutions such as personalised display advertising, cross-channel store locators, real-time online appointment booking and mobile-enabled websites.

Creating an optimised, seamless customer journey from initial search to in-store purchase is at the core of everything Solocal Group UK do. To enhance the customer experience, we encourage brands to build a real understanding of the customer, as it enables them to personalise their marketing campaigns.

Personalised marketing allows consumers to cut through the masses of information available online, and makes them feel like they are receiving a special service, tailored especially for their needs and interests. When running a display advertising campaign, it is therefore important that retailers identify their target audience and take the time to understand this group, by analysing detailed social, behavioural, geographic and demographic data.