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Solocal Group’s Horyzon Media introduces Guaranteed Visit Duration to enhance display advertising campaigns

October 16, 2014

New display advertising offering has already been adopted by leading international brands, and provides a unique way of accounting for your visitors to the length of navigation

London, United Kingdom, 16th October 2014 – Solocal Group , market leader in cost effective multichannel marketing, has today announced that its display advertising arm, Horyzon Media, has launched Guaranteed Visit Duration to facilitate performance- based advertising campaigns for brands and retailers.

Available internationally, Solocal Group’s latest digital offering is already being implemented by a variety of major global brands, including Mattel, Numéricable, Bayer Bepanthen and L’Oréal through its subsidiaries such as Garnier, L’Oréal Paris and Maybelline.

The solution works by displaying banner advertisements on more than 50,000 related websites, directing visitors to a landing page when the banner is clicked. Unlike other display advertising standard business models , brands and retailers are only charged when a visitor has stayed on the landing page for an agreed duration, which can be from 5 to 20 seconds or more. This solution ensures that brands and retailers are only charged for visitors who show sufficient engagement with their site. Fully customisable, the solution does not require any additional technical pre-requisite, making it easy to implement.

Adrien Lepage, Global Sales Director, Display Advertising at Solocal Group, commented : “The launch of Guaranteed Visit Duration signifies the continued growth of our international display advertising offerings. We are delighted to see the real results already achieved by the expanding portfolio of brands incorporating this into their performance-based advertising strategies.”

Solocal Group aims to help brands and retailers take advantage of the influence digital media has on in-store sales, combining online content, advertising, geolocation and transactional services that connect customers to brands.

UK activity for Solocal Group is ever-increasing and the company is proud to be exhibiting its digital marketing solutions at AdTech later this month. Adrien Lepage will also be speaking at the event on 21st October to share valuable insight into global multi-device advertising campaigns.


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Bridging The Gaps On The Customer Journey

October 14, 2014

Every day we take part in a journey. It doesn’t require train or bus tickets and we don’t need to make sure there is enough petrol in the car. The journey that I am referring to is the one that billions of us as consumers make when we decide or find the need to purchase something. It is the customer journey.

Unfortunately, similarly to some of our other travel experiences, many of us have less than smooth experiences, leaving us disgruntled and vowing never to make the same mistake again.

The typical customer journey is comprised of six stages:

  1. Discovery and consideration (through word of mouth, content or advertising)
  2. Research and evaluation (both online and offline)
  3. Purchase (both online and offline)
  4. Fulfillment
  5. Product returns, exchanges or maintenance
  6. Customer feedback, which fuels the discovery and research stages of the journey of another customer

Getting the customer journey right requires planning, a high level of commitment and a certain amount of empathy to avoid any pitfalls along the way. After all, we are all passengers at some point.

Avoiding flaws at each leg of the journey

At each stage of the customer journey, there is a risk that the brand could lose the customer if they don’t sufficiently engage with them and meet their requirements. When a shopper encounters a flaw, retailers become open to the risk that the customer might be tempted to switch to a competitor who is better able to engage with them, or may even abandon their intent to purchase all together. This means that having even one weakness along the customer path could dissuade potential customers from continuing on their purchase journey, harming other marketing strategies which have been implemented along the way and hindering ROI overall.

It’s therefore crucial that brands engage with customers along each stage of the purchase journey. And while engaging with consumers has become more difficult with the advent of online and mobile shopping, technology has enabled us to develop multichannel marketing solutions that will support brands looking to optimize their customer’s journey both online and in-store.

The importance of seamless connections

A recent study by Accenture, which offers some insight into the customer journey, highlighted the importance of a seamless customer experience:

To help create a seamless customer journey, research by Capgemini published last year clearly stated that brands should invest in digital tools to support the ‘clicks to bricks’ journey. The company identified 13 digital services which customers can use across the purchase cycle. These include: store locator solution, store happenings, e/mcoupons, product locators and click & reserve services, appointment booking system, online personal shopping, m-payments and multichannel loyalty programmes.   In today’s digital age, while customers have come to expect these tools, they are surprisingly still not implemented by a significant part of the businesses:  the IAB UK Mobile Retail Audit, released in June 2013, found that only 48% of the top 50 UK retailers have a store locator on their mobile site.

Improving the customer journey

While the Accenture research shows that there has been an improvement in seamless customer experience there’s clearly still a long way to go to achieve complete customer satisfaction. The latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index reveals that satisfaction has continued to fall among UK customers, leaving people more unhappy with their customer experience now than they were in January 2011.

Our advice for a brand to ensure it is providing a seamless, smooth customer experience is to consider the following steps:

Solocal Group’s mission of connecting brands and customers is strongly linked to the customer journey, and this is a topic we will continue to investigate and discuss during  several upcoming industry events including Internet Retailing Customer Experience Research Briefing (October 22) and Local Search Today! – The Customer Journey (December 16) – hope to see you there!