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Who we are

Digital to Store Ltd trading as SoLocal Group UK helps brands engage consumers along their customer journey and convert them into clients through a suite of digital marketing solutions.

SoLocal Group UK does this by distributing, promoting and/or operating some of SoLocal Group digital marketing solutions in the UK and other international markets.

Main solutions provided are:

SoLocal Group UK actively contributes to the digital and business ecosystems through Local Ideas, a blog providing a source of inspiration for companies looking for innovative ideas. Local Ideas has won the 2015 ‘Most Innovative’ UK Company Blog Award at the UK Blog Awards.

SoLocal Group UK has also created on its website a Digital Marketing Lexicon where definitions of digital marketing concepts can be found.


SoLocal Group UK is a subsidiary of SoLocal Group

SoLocal Group ranks #1 on digital local communication in Europe, with revenues of €936 millions in 2014. It employs  4,800 people in France, Spain, Austria and the UK including 2,300 sales advisers to support its 700,000 local and national advertising customers.

As a creator of useful media, SoLocal Group operates in three complementary business lines: content and service provision, media and advertising representation.

SoLocal Group mission is to help businesses and brands connect with local customers.

SoLocal Group is listed on NYSE Euronext Paris (LOCAL).

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SoLocal Group’s origins can be traced to 1800s France, specifically the 1896 creation of the Office d’Annonces (ODA), which sold print advertising space for the Havas advertising company.

50 years later, the French Ministry of Post and Telecommunications appointed ODA as its official advertising representative for metropolitan French phone directories. The next few decades saw the company making strong inroads into emerging technologies, working with Mintel, laserdisc and CD-ROM and, in 1996, helping French advertisers take their first tentative steps into the online world with the creation of the first websites.

Two years later, Havas sold its ODA stake to business multinational France Telecom, which in turn fused it with SNAT (National service of Telephone Directories) to create PagesJaunes (Yellow Pages) in 2000. A stock market floatation followed in 2004, along with the creation of PagesJaunes Groupe. France Telecom eventually sold its stake in the company to KKR / Goldman Sachs in 2006 and three years later, PagesJaunes Groupe had become the biggest website developer in France.

Now a European leader in local advertising and online information, the company announced in 2013 that it would be changing its name to SoLocal Group to cement its position in local, digital and mobile communication. That same year, it generated over £800 million in revenue and today, SoLocal Group employs nearly 5,000 people in across Europe and provides services to over 650,000 customers

What we are looking for

Whether for mobile Internet, local exchanges, 3D mapping or communication on business websites, the Internet is a major, natural line of development for the Group’s services. SoLocal Group is #1 on local communication and is one of the largest developers of business websites in Europe.

We welcome any contact with companies that propose ways to enrich our portfolio of digital media and solutions helping our 650,000 businesses (brands and SMEs) connect with customers. The collaboration modes can take different forms:

  1. Develop business relationships with UK brands.
    We help brands to connect with customers online by optimising the customer journey.
  2. Establish partnerships with companies addressing SMEs marketing needs
    We help more than 650,000 businesses connecting with customers online. We aim to propose these solutions (the main one being website development) to UK SMEs through partnerships.
  3. Connect with innovative digital companies and start-ups

We understand that the Internet now enables increasing amounts of information to be exchanged on not only a global level, but also on a local level, covering all things around the user. It allows interaction with everything in the vicinity through multiple channels, supporting the user whatever his or her location. In this new world, content is now the key and all information is now multi-platform and omnipresent. The attractiveness of media depends less on the ability to search for and transmit information than on their ability to attract quality content, deliver it to the right person at the right time and engage a regular, active mass audience. The quantity and quality of content, whether produced or designed in partnership, generated by users or aggregated on the Internet, are the essential currency of the current times.

These are the values that are embedded in the SoLocal Group’s DNA, enabling us to devise and distribute new, practical and relevant local information services. From geolocation to personalised information, from the hyper location of information to augmented reality, the relevance of local information remains a major lever of growth for the future. This is why the Group is continuing to innovate in terms of functionalities and services.

To that end, SoLocal Group UK is keen to develop strong long term relationships with innovative and dynamic start-ups which share our vision. If you would like to know more about our offerings and how we can work together, please get in touch.